How to choose the right hosting company

How to choose the right hosting company

You have decided to purchase a domain name or more and take out web hosting from a web hosting provider.

First, some considerations about the domain names

Domain names have nothing to do with web hosting and can be registered independently of the hosting package. There are benefits if you have domain name and host separately. For example, if the web host you chose does not deliver a good service, you only need to find a better web host and change the domain name settings. If you have domain name and hosting with the same company and the company ceases trading, it is the last thing you like about your web hosting or domain name. By separating them, you lower the risk.

Cons of registering the domain name with your web host

Many hosting companies offer to register domain names on your behalf. You think your domain name is with your web host when they actually register it through any third party registrar for you. You will then receive a 2year invoice from a company youve never heard of, ignore it and, at worst, lose your domain name.

In addition, in many cases, you will not be able to access your domain name information or you will receive a domain name control panel. Why do you need a domain name control panel? You must be able to update the contact information for your domain name. For example, if you move houses for example, and do not update your domain name details and for some reason you need to change your registration etc. or because your hosting company has ceased trading, you may lose your domain name because you can not prove anymore that you own a certain domain name.

A domain name control panel also makes it possible to change email forwarding, web forwarding and most importantly of domain name servers, as well as any other settings. Check out 123Reg to learn more about it.

Larger web hosting

Take a look online and check different providers. There are many big hosting companies out there like 1and1. The advantage of signing up with a large web hosting company is that they have hardly any downtime and their servers will be quick and up to date with the latest spam protection etc. Web hosting can be expensive but if you sign up with a major web host and if you want additional services you have to pay for them. Support can also be a problem youll usually have to struggle through hundreds of FAQs before sending an email to their support team. You may also need to call a Premium Rate phone number if you need to talk to someone quickly. These prices can count from

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